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We are a professional cabinetry company based in Seattle WA

Meet The Team

We are an American-Ukrainian family-run company that encompasses all members. Throughout our entire lives, we have nurtured a profound passion for cabinet manufacturing, constantly striving to create and innovate in this industry.

President, Founder

Vova Lytvyn

Vova is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in the cabinet industry spanning his entire career. With an unwavering dedication to his craft, he has successfully navigated challenging circumstances, including migrating from Ukraine during the Orange Revolution. Despite leaving behind an established business, Vova’s resilience and passion for manufacturing remained undiminished.

Arriving in a new country filled with fierce competition and the impending 2006 recession, Vova fearlessly embarked on a journey to rebuild his professional life. Starting from scratch, he meticulously constructed a thriving business from the ground up. Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, Vova has contributed to the realization of numerous projects, showcasing his expertise in crafting custom cabinetry across a wide range of styles and specifications.

With an impressive track record of fulfilling hundreds of projects, Vova has consistently delivered exceptional results, exceeding client expectations with his attention to detail and commitment to quality. His unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction has earned him a reputation as a trusted professional in the industry.

Drawing upon his extensive experience and a keen eye for innovation, Vova continues to push the boundaries of cabinet manufacturing, constantly seeking new avenues for creative expression. As a respected figure in the field, he remains passionate about delivering outstanding craftsmanship and contributing to the transformation of spaces through the artistry of custom cabinetry.


Taras Lytvyn

Taras is a driven professional who has dedicated his life to pursuing his father’s illustrious legacy. Having been raised under the mentorship of Vova, a highly skilled cabinet maker, Taras developed a profound admiration for the artistry of cabinetry. While his early years were marked by a strong fascination with computer science, Taras has embarked on a deliberate journey into the realm of manufacturing. His goal is to contribute to the progressive expansion and development of his father’s business, aspiring to foster its continued success.